Autonomous vehicles continue to drive the industry

2020 will see a flurry of new autonomous functionality appearing in almost every new car. Autonomous capabilities like self-parking and adaptive cruise control will be available from virtually every auto OEM in new vehicles. This movement is unstoppable and, while driverless cars themselves won’t populate the road in 2019, the direction seems clear. Tesla and Google are also making inroads into producing road-legal driverless cars.

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Machine learning-based vehicle cybersecurity

The cat-and-mouse game that defines existing vehicle security features could use an overhaul and the recent resurgence in artificial intelligence technologies is just the thing to deliver it. Today, the networks on wheels that are modern cars use anti-virus and other common software security technologies that identify known threats and try to quarantine some of the unknown ones. But this isn’t ideal in a dynamic area where new threats continually pop up.

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BlockChain and autonomous car driving. Top trends in the auto industry for 2019

Blockchain technology, the foundational infrastructure of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is a timestamped ledger of transactions distributed over a network of computers. If each auto part were assigned a unique code, blockchain would enable auto manufacturers to track each step of the production and transportation process through a secure database updated by suppliers in real time.

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What Donald Trump’s election could mean to auto industry?

Donald Trump has pledged to revitalize the mainly white working class that elevated him, a tough task given an aging U.S. workforce, dwindling options for people with little education and years of stagnant pay. Trump has said he’d slash taxes, strong-arm U.S. trading partners, end commitments to environmental rules and make it easier to drill for oil.

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Advancement of women in the American automotive industry

Women make up about 47 percent of the labor force, but only 24 percent of the automotive workforce. They represent an untapped and underutilized resource capable of helping automotive companies take a competitive advantage, and it is concerning that we are not doing all we can to recruit, retain, and advance this remarkable group of professionals.

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