Audi Spending $17 Billion on As It Targets Rivals

Audi A5 SB Sport 2.0 TDI
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Audi has started a thunder race of sorts,or perhaps better thought of as a mind race, as it competes with arch names Mercedes Benz and Bimmer for the luxury car of top-selling brand by 2020.

This would makes 2 million vehicles annually,up from a new record 1.4 million vehicles in this year.

Audi A5 SB Sport 2.0 TDI

Audi A5 SB Sport 2.0 TDI

How to do this?

Invest awesome sums to the tune of $17.6 billion into technology, new product development and facilities. Hell, Audi is also planning to use some of that cash to develop its own fuel sources. In fact, they are recently building a new project in Germany to generate natural gas and hydrogen using only water, wind energy and carbon dioxide.

They said you can see that these efforts are not a joke. Plus, based on Audi’s and its rivals’ progress in the last decade, we’re sure many of these efforts will come to fruition.

What perhaps the best part all of this?

BMW & Mercedes are on the same track which will also produce some healthy and exciting competition in the automotive world.

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