Advancement of women in the American automotive industry

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There is a talent crisis underway in the global automotive industry, and it’s happening at a time when megatrends like vehicle connectivity, self-driving cars, and shifting consumer preferences are creating a complex environment ripe with opportunities for innovation, transformation, and disruption. Developing a competitive advantage in this increasingly complex environment requires talented professionals with deep skills and experience. Yet, Deloitte’s 2015 Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing1 study reveals that 84 percent of manufacturing executives in the United States face a significant talent shortage in America. That same study also reveals that approximately 2 million manufacturing jobs in the United States may go unfilled over the next decade because manufacturers cannot find employees with the skills they need.

Women make up about 47 percent of the labor force, but only 24 percent of the automotive workforce. They represent an untapped and underutilized resource capable of helping automotive companies take a competitive advantage, and it is concerning that we are not doing all we can to recruit, retain, and advance this remarkable group of professionals.

To explore this issue, Automotive News and Deloitte have been working together since 2010 to honor the 100 most influential women in the North American automotive industry. Through the program, we have interviewed and surveyed hundreds of women to explore their views on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women working in automotive, as well as understand where opportunities for improvement exist.

In the following pages, we reveal the findings of our 2015 survey and discussions with some of this year’s honorees. The insights represent the voices of the most influential women in the automotive industry and serve to inform the dialogue on how, together, we can enhance women’s representation across the leadership ranks of automotive companies.

Here is the link to this special report: 100 Leading Women

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